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Which products are easy to sell during the global epidemic?

Time:2020-08-20 09:43:19Hit:1513

1. Food (vegetables, fruits, snacks, convenience food)

Food is a necessity of life. In the spring festival activities, under the categories of fresh fruits, convenient fast food and leisure snacks, more than 1000 kinds of goods sold more than 100000.

2. Hairdresser and pet shaver

During the epidemic period, barber shops were closed, and men all over the country turned into the same hairstyle of meteor garden. For many people who need haircuts, they have to do it by themselves. Therefore, the sales of hairdressers on the e-commerce platform have increased significantly compared with previous years. According to pinduoduo data statistics, hairdressers accounted for the top 1 of the platform sales, the number of searches increased by 410% year on year, and Gmv exceeded 30 million yuan; The same is true for pets, so the sales of pet shavers have increased.

3. Home projector

The turnover of audio-visual entertainment increased by 170% over the same period of last year. The turnover of home projector increased by more than 200% over the same period of last year. The sales volume of home projector top 1 Jimi H3 exceeded 10 million, a record high. After all, you can't go to the cinema. You can watch it at home.

4. Pajamas and slippers

At home, people seldom go out, so home clothes are more popular; According to pinduoduo data, sales of pajamas increased 190% year on year, ranking top 5.

5. LEGO toys

During the epidemic period, people need to find something to kill time, so they gradually turn their attention to the building block platform, which is a highly interactive toy. According to pinduoduo data, its sales volume has already exceeded 100000 +.

6. Mobile phone bracket

During the period of staying at home, the sales volume of mobile phone bracket, which is convenient for watching movies and TV dramas, has increased greatly.

7. Egg beater

Short video platform popular rice cooker cake, eggbeater as an essential baking tool, as long as the sales platform with rhythm, anything sales can double at home.

8. Multifunctional cooking machine, popcorn machine, oven, juicer, kitchen cloth

Usually like to eat outside people can not go out, so small appliances, kitchenware class, and cooking class related demand is very big.

9. Eye protection lamp, bookshelf, USB flash disk, earphone and printer

On the e-commerce platform, the number of orders for school supplies or goods around online classes also keeps growing. After all, parents all over the world are the same, and almost all of them will buy as long as it is conducive to their children's learning.

10. Fitness products

Without social entertainment, people will look for new entertainment from other channels. Fitness products can not only pass the time, but also keep healthy and shape; It is definitely one of the best-selling products during the epidemic period.

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