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Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, huacheng always pay attention to customer needs, in order to reduce customer mechanical failure time, huacheng to the fastest response speed for customers to repair the machine, improve customer machine operating rate.


Pre-sales service:


By providing customers with investment budget, plant planning and other forms of pre-sales services, so that customers' planning is reasonable, standard, and cost saving

(1) Investment budget: provide product profit analysis, product selection, auxiliary equipment matching and budget.

(2) Plant planning: provide equipment foundation installation size, equipment layout, workshop ventilation, exhaust, water transport, wiring services

(3) Provide information on machine auxiliary equipment


Service for sale:


By guiding customers to install water and electricity, commissioning new machines free of charge, and training customers' technical personnel and operators, make machine placement standard and reasonable.And make the related personnel can be familiar with the operation of the company's machine, understand the maintenance and maintenance of the machine


After-sales service:


(1) Free training will be provided to users who purchase Huacheng products until they can operate, use and maintain them independently

(2) Answer technical problems in time, and our company will send people to customers for on-site guidance in time

(3) If you have any questions, please contact