Silicone rubber vacuum molding machine


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Rubber transfer molding machine

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rubber transfer molding machine

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XZB Series Rubber InjectionPressure Molding Machine


XZB series rubber injection and press molding machine mainly apply to molding of various rubber and Bakelite molding products, etc., especially products with high quality requirement, complex shapes, thick wall and inserts.



◆  Mold locking before injection, high pressure in mold cavity, compact product

    texture, accurate dimension and less flash;

◆  fast-open mold features high production efficiency and slow locking to protect

    the mold;

◆  Automatic move-in-and-out and ejecting units allows low labor intensity;

◆  Conventional valve, double-proportion valve and double-proportion oil pump for


◆  Electric system adopts PLC and touch screen man-machine interaction.

◆  Quick action response speed improves production efficiency.

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