Silicone rubber vacuum molding machine


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FIFO rubber injection molding machine

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Silicone rubber injection molding machine

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The plasticized rubber will injected early according to FIFO method, largely reducing

   the production time

Large worktable area

Imported double-proportion valve or servo system can control any kind of movement

   without causing shock

Save power consumption of motor by 50%~70%

German electronic ruler for injection ensures metering accuracy

3-stage injection pressure and flow and 3-stage hold pressure meet various product

   technological requirements

PLC programmable controller + touch screen LCD, technical parameters setting is

   convenient and intuitive and storable. The whole process is monitored; internal fault is

   diagnosed and alarmed automatically

Safety light curtain protection

Precisely positioning when moving in or out the mold

the Material temperature control by mold temperature controller

Mold temperature control accuracy is ±1.

Out-moving mold or upper-lower hydraulic boom is optional

Double-proportion pump or servo control is optional